It’s been a long time coming, but we are in the final phase of our efforts to restore Clear Creek on Woodson Ranch. We divided this project into several phases, some of which are already done.

Specifically, the addition of irrigation pivots, along with switching the source of irrigation water for several area water users/irrigators, meant that the stream now has more water in it than it has had in nearly 70 years. So, that phase is complete and functioning perfectly.

Now, we are going to address the water quality issues in the river by adding stream length to slow the river down which will reduce sediment. We are doing this as the result of having placed some 400 acres of the ranch in a Wetland Reserve Easement that will protect it from further development in perpetuity. We are grateful to the Natural Resources Conservation Service for their part in this phase as they are the funding source for the streambed work. Now, in December, that streambed work has begun!

We will be restoring old meanders, removing fish barriers, and reconnecting the stream to its historic flood plane in an effort to improve wetland and riparian habitat. We have a live streaming webcam (you can find it under our “Projects” tab or at the bottom of the Home page.) currently pointed at the work being done so you can follow along live.