The Board of Directors for Ruby Habitat Foundation is comprised of three groups:  Montana Land Reliance, the Woodson Family, and Ruby Valley Community Members.

Group A – Montana Land Reliance

George Olsen President,  Montana Land Reliance, Retired CPA- Helena, Montana

Vice-chairman, Kendall Van DykManaging Director, Montana Land Reliance- Helena, Montana

Rock Ringling – Managing Director–RETIRED, Montana Land Reliance- Helena, Montana

Group B – Woodson Family

Secretary-Treasurer, Leslie Vanderpool – Georgetown, TX

Lisa MatthewsOlympia, WA

Catherine Mitts – Nashville, TN

David Mitts Conroe, Texas

Group C- Ruby Valley Community

Chairman, Neil Barnosky – Rancher- Sheridan, Montana

Bruce Peterson  Rancher- Alder, Montana

Steve Wood Rancher- Sheridan, Montana

Executive Director

Daniel Durham Sheridan, Montana


Craig Woodson 1934-2011 – Sheridan, Montana

Martha Woodson 1932-2022 – Sheridan, Montana