UPDATE:  As of 2017, we are no longer offering the Ruby Habitat Special.  The manufacturer has moved on and we are now relegating this offer to the bamboo-dust-heap of history.  As many of you know, many changes have taken place in the world of bamboo, from the moving of Sweetgrass Rods out of Twin Bridges, the burning of the old bamboo rod-making building of Winston Rod Co., and the passing of Tom Morgan.  It may be that we will someday offer another, similar type of premium for your contribution, but in the mean time, we will leave the description of the rod we used to offer up on this page for posterity.


The Rod: Standing 7’9”, made to handle 4/5 weight lines, consisting of 3 pieces, and including two tips, you can see that this rod is built for the Ruby river. It’s Paired with a Hodge and Son’s “Classic” fly reel, which sits atop a hand scrimshawed seat, and when installed, balances the rod beautifully. When not in use it is stored in a hand crafted, brass lined, leather, Arne Mason rod tube and matching reel case. It doesn’t take long to discover that no expense was spared and no detail was overlooked when this rod was created.

The Reason: With the purchase of the Ruby Habitat Special, you not only receive an artfully crafted, premium quality, bamboo fly rod but you also make an investment in the meaningful conservation work of the Ruby Habitat Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural resources and the social and economic makeup of the Ruby Valley and southwest Montana. We hope you will join us in our efforts and think of us every time you fish the Ruby Habitat Special.

The Craftsman: The craftsmen at Sweetgrass fly rods, or the “Boo Boys” as they are known locally, create some of the finest bamboo fly rods in the world. When we were looking for a rod builder to construct the Ruby Habitat Special, Sweetgrass Rods was an easy choice. They not handcraft fine rods in Twin Bridges, Montana, but they also strongly support the mission of the foundation. Spend some time in the shop and see the magic happen. They start with raw bamboo and create masterpieces, all under one roof, at the confluence of three rivers. www.sweetgrassrods.com

The Details: The purchase price of the Ruby Habitat Special package is $5,000 and includes the following:

  • Fully guaranteed, 3 piece, 4/5 weight, Sweetgrass bamboo fly rod with an extra tip section and custom rod sock
  • Hodge and Son’s Classic fly reel with line
  • Arne Mason rod tube and reel case

$2,850 goes to cover the cost of the rod while the remaining $2,150 is a tax deductible donation to the Ruby Habitat Foundation.

To order a Ruby Habitat Special, or to find out more information, please contact the Ruby Habitat Foundation at (406) 842-5010