Martha and Craig Woodson in 2002
Martha and Craig Woodson in 2002

Thoughts Sitting On My Front Porch
By Martha Woodson, September 2015

A bright blue sky—a slight breeze blowing through the trees—
love the green leaves against the blue sky—the sound of a

Sandhill Crane off in the distance—a yellow butterfly—Dave
Delisi stops by—the ripples of the Ruby—birds in the tall,

tall cottonwoods—the warm sun on my back—the dark green
of the mountains—a little snow on their tops—Chas at

my feet—birds calling to each other—visits with families -all that Les has done
to make the ranch what it is—his and Craig’s friendship—

the arch of the summer house roof—Dave Reintsma going by
on his four-wheeler—Joe and Louisa, what would we

do without them?—Craig saw the possibilities and maybe
I helped him—many others have also.

I am so grateful to be a part of it all.