Welcome to the Ruby Habitat Foundation’s home page.  We are a non-profit, working ranch in Southwest Montana dedicated to fulfilling the vision of our founders, Craig and Martha Woodson.

Our mission encourages balance between agriculture and wildlife, and we allow managed access to the ranch for a wide range of activities, from flyfishing to birdwatching (we have identified 135 species on the ranch so far!!  Here’s a link to the complete list).  Our educational outreach programs include field trips with local school kids (from Kindergarten through College), to Wildlife Speakers and other programs.

2020 was a convulsive year across the nation, and 2021 brought more of the same. Yet, during 2021, we made much progress here as we steward our finite resources. We finished the restoration of that portion of Clear Creek that runs through Woodson Ranch, adding length and sinuosity, augmenting and adding wetland features, and removing barriers to fish migration. We also continued to care for the Heritage Apple Orchard, grafting to the trees that did not take last year’s grafts and purchasing supplies we know we will need in 2022 when we plan to install the trellis system to support the semi-dwarf trees.

We have high hopes for 2022 with plans to continue working on the orchard and….drumroll, please…we hope to bring back the Wildlife Speaker Series “in person.” Everybody, please do your part to keep folks safe so that we can bring back some of the social aspects of our mission that resonate with all of us.

Recognizing that open space and wild spaces are finite, we stand for them and encourage you to get in touch with us to find out how we can help.  Whether you visit virtually, or stay in our luxurious Hill House lodging, we are sure Woodson Ranch will provide you with a memorable experience!