“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful ranch and fishing cabin.  It is such a special place—from the wildlife to the fishing, sunsets and solitude—and it’s clear just how much you and others care for that corner of the world.  Thank you for all you’ve done to share that with others and with us!  We can’t wait to get back…”–Alice Buckley

“…we couldn’t ever take our weekend in the Ruby Valley for granted.  Your hospitality was wonderful—almost as good as the welcoming calls of all the Sandhills that were talking to us all weekend.  We appreciate what you do, and for sharing your slice of paradise with us.”–Zachary James

“Thank you so much for the kind words and great pictures!   It is so nice to hear that you enjoyed the kids. They are great kids and it was so great to get them out in the fresh air and running around.  Thank you so much for everything.  All of the kids kept repeating, ‘What a great day!’   It is something they will remember for a long time!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you”–Theresa Murdoch, Superintendent for Alder Schools

“Our friends left this morning, and he asked me to pass his thanks to you for access to the Ruby, which he enjoyed beyond description.  As he told me, it not only felt good to be there, but it just plain felt good to see what was going on around him in terms of land use and conservation.  The guy should know, he’s trying to do the same thing for the entire Ross Sea.  I second not only his thanks to you, but also his observations about the ranch as well — the place is just amazing in every way, just really inspiring to see the developing connectivity in the mosaic of habitats taking new life there.  Wow.”–Bill Fraser

“No place compares to the Woodson Ranch early in the morning after the sun has just risen, with the birds celebrating each new day with song… Or in the evening, as the sun goes to rest beneath the horizon and the crickets sing it to sleep. The open landscape, rising mountains, stands of cottonwoods, tall grasses, and wetland areas teeming with life; the extraordinary quiet – pierced only by the call of an eagle, a red tailed hawk or sandhill cranes; the smells of freshly cut hay, warm, earthy moisture, and sweet breezes off the Rubies; the beautiful, abundant wildlife – so hearty, healthy, happy and comfortable enough to not rise from a resting place until the last second you are upon them…These are all the special moments and things that remind me what stewardship looks like, why I live here and do what I do, how blessed I am, and how beautiful life can be.” –Rebecca Ramsey

“Thanks so much to the Woodson Family and all involved with the Ruby Habitat Foundation.  The Woodson Ranch is the perfect spot to enjoy everything nature has to offer, and the views of the Ruby Valley are beautiful!  We so enjoy participating in all the activities offered.”–Renee & Greg Grankin

We were both impressed with (the) passion and the good work being done on the Woodson Ranch, and we are excited about the plans for restoration of Clear Creek and the other areas in and around the Ruby River.  As always, everything was perfect during our stay.  The habitat areas and the wildlife viewing in and around the ranch were breathtakingly beautiful.  The Hill House is a lovely and comfortable setting from which to fish and explore these surroundings.  Bill and I both feel very fortunate to be able to experience this part of Montana at the Hill House accommodation, and we are grateful for the Foundation’s continuing commitment to preservation and enhancement of the natural beauty of this special area.  Thank you for the work you do on the Woodson Ranch and in the Ruby Valley.”–Susan Cardenas

“We truly appreciate the conservation efforts of the Foundation and in making (the property) available for fly fishing enthusiasts….  We found the Ruby Habitat Foundation three years ago and are very happy we did!”–Pat Brim

“Our trip to the ranch this summer with three vets was a special time for them as well as Randy, Ben and myself.  Montana Project Healing Waters is honored to have Ruby Habitat Foundation as a partner!”–Bill Long

“We love this place! We feel blessed to have the opportunity! Saw heron, cranes, deer, rabbits and a moose! Many blessings to all of you! Thanks!” —The Fishers (MLR guests)

“….we had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing the many birds as well as fauna in the area.  Woodson Ranch is a special place and we will be back for sure. “-Bob Williams

“The Tetons say, ‘come look at me’…this place says, ‘come be with me.’” –Tricia Baldwin

“Great place, great fishing, great employees—enjoyed (it) greatly—thank you!” –Tim Field

“I think the entire purpose of Woodson Ranch is admirable in the highest sense. We need more ranches around Montana and the world that demonstrate how humans and agricultural production can coexist with nature without harming it. Also, how open you are to allowing groups of kids to learn the examples being shown on this property is a testament to you and your Foundation’s service to the community…once again, I would just like to say how grateful we are for allowing us to take this trip to your ranch and how neat it was for you to take the time to create a cool nature walk.” –Sam Telling

“We enjoyed our day fishing on your beautiful ranch and water. Both of us were awed by the beauty of the Ruby Valley and the Woodson Ranch. It is one of the most beautiful places.” –Barrett M. and Louise D. Morris, Lexington, KY

“The ranch is way past special.” –John Splittorf, Paso Robles, CA

“I could see immediately that the ranch was well managed for both the conservation of wildlife as well as agriculture, which makes it a true gem that is no doubt the envy of many.” –Bob Sager, Butte, MT