The The Ruby Habitat Foundation’s Mission:

The Ruby Habitat Foundation is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural resources, and social and economic makeup of the Ruby Valley and southwest Montana by, among other things:

-Supporting agriculture in the community and the diversification of agricultural operations to ensure the long-term viability of working ranches;

-Working with landowners, educational institutions, foundations, and other entities to protect and enhance open space and wildlife habitat;

-Encouraging education and training to broaden the understanding of resource management issues, and responsible management of private lands;

-Promoting the concept of resource accountability and developing examples of minimal impact resource management for agricultural and recreational uses while protecting the environment.

Stated more succinctly, we make every effort to balance wildlife and agriculture, while providing managed public access for both educational and recreational pursuits.  We try to stand as an example of thoughtful land stewardship in the beautiful Ruby Valley of Southwest Montana.


The Ruby Habitat Foundation’s Vision, as quoted from our founder, Charles Craig Woodson (1933-2011):

Landowners and resource managers are bound by law to protect the environment and prevent resource degradation, but we have a higher obligation to be good stewards of our natural resources, sharing them today, and preserving them for future generations. The decisions we make and the actions we take affect our own environment as well as that of the wildlife, our neighbors, and future generations.