The benefits of “going outside” to play extend beyond the days of your youth. From clean air to exercise, a walk in the wilder parts of the world will–truly, this is no exaggeration–make you feel better! Our nature trail is available to all who comply with our rules. These rules can be found on our Permissive Use Document and we invite you to fill it out and email it back to us. Doing so will ensure that you receive updates such as when we close the nature trail (and the entire ranch) to public access during the big game hunting season in the fall.

In general, though, the rules are simple. Stay on the nature trail or the roads on the west side of the Ruby River. Keep the size of your group smallish–4 or fewer. Keep your dogs under your control. Do not harass wildlife, and try to keep your presence quiet–for the benefit of other people accessing this special space, as well as the wildlife.

There is a map below. Note that the trail now begins just to the west of the Visitor Center (it used to be to the east) and takes you between the newly-created irrigation ditch on the west and Clear Creek on the east. In about 1/2 mile, you’ll cross Clear Creek on our bridge, then continue north through a grove of cottonwood trees before coming back south toward the visitor center.

Announcing a Scavenger Hunt For Earth Day 2021!!

What can you see? Well, if you print this document off, you can participate in a scavenger hunt. See how many things you can find. If you find everything on the list, stop by the ranch office and we’ll give you a free Ruby Habitat Foundation hat!