The Hill House

Should you require a place to stay, Woodson Ranch is pleased to offer you the Hill House. Named for Martha Woodson’s parents, the Hill House is a fully furnished, three-bedroom home.

With a large kitchen, family room, screened-in-porch, and the ability to accommodate 6 guests, we are confident you will be comfortable during your stay. Located on Woodson Ranch Property, the Hill House rests in the shadow of the Ruby Mountains and overlooks the ranch itself. Look toward these mountains and you may spot elk; look East toward the ranch and you may spot moose or deer.

Check In: 2:00 PM or later
Check Out: 10 AM or earlier

Reservations for the Hill House are made separately from the fishing reservations, and rates (As of 2023) are as follows:

November 1-March 31:

1-3 People: $250/night; 4 or more people: $300/night

April 1– October 31:

1-3 People: $500/night; 4 or more people: $600/night

Cancellation within One Week (7 Days) will result in 50% payment of what would otherwise have been due.

Pet Policy: We love pets, but no pets are permitted inside the Hill House. Failure to comply will result in responsibility for any damage or cleaning costs incurred.

Special rates may be available for non-profit groups.

Tipping: Our housekeeping staff appreciates your appreciation. Please consider leaving a gratuity for them.

To make reservations, send an email to and he will get back in touch to finalize your arrangements.