Sandhill Crane Nest Webcam
Sandhill Crane Nest Webcam
Sandhill Crane Webcam 2020

As the 2020 goose-cam drama has finished with 6 geese leaping to a future only a goose can imagine, we have secured a second camera (thanks to the donor who helped us out!!).   This camera was placed on the banks of the Ruby River and pointed at a sandhill crane nest on an island.  Within days, the river rose high enough to snuff out the life in her single egg and she abandoned the nest.

With no shortage of fecundity on the ranch, we pointed the camera toward our osprey platform. It’s quite a distance from the camera, so the image is not as clear and you can often see the wavy undulation of light refracted through the air; but, it’s a pretty view of the nest and the southern portion of the Ruby range. Watch for a while and you may witness the osprey, or her mate, bringing a fish to the platform for dinner. We expect her eggs to hatch some time in June.

If you enjoy watching the nesting activity, consider making a donation to Ruby Habitat Foundation by clicking here.   These cameras are not inexpensive, the installation is complicated, and the streaming service costs money.  We thank you in advance!

By the way–if you need to hire experts to help you with similar projects on your own property, you should talk to the good folks at Ranch Resources, located in Sheridan, MT.  We employ them for everything from land stewardship questions to questions about our heritage apple orchard to installing live-streaming webcams.  They are nothing short of wizards.

Should you have questions or comments, feel free to direct them to our Outreach Coordinator, Dave Delisi.