Visit Virtually

Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, we secured the funding to set up this “eagle nest cam”….we have high hopes that this educational tool will prove both useful and entertaining to learners and virtual visitors to the Woodson Ranch alike.

While setting it up was accomplished through a donation, the ongoing maintenance of it and the hosting service fees will require support.  Please consider making a contribution to keep this amazing view available in perpetuity!

2017 will be the third year that the Bald Eagles on Woodson Ranch have returned.  We are optimistic that this site and our webcam will contribute to the ongoing body of knowledge regarding these impressive birds.

Should you have questions or comments, feel free to direct them to our Outreach Coordinator, Dave Delisi, at


Here is a 1-minute overview…literally…of the Woodson Ranch.  Taken by Alan Blakely of Blakely Photography fame, this birds-eye view of the ranch shows the incredible setting of the ranch.  We have approximately 8 river miles and riparian area which affords amazing fishing and wildlife view opportunities.


Below is a 2 minute movie, replete with amazing audio, of some of the abundant bird life we have on the ranch in early spring. The audio recording was made at 5am near one of the wetlands on the ranch.