This document provides permission for recurring access to the Ruby Habitat Foundation’s Woodson Ranch. We provide this permission to individuals who request to frequent the ranch for exercise, bird watching and dog walking. Please restrict your use under this permit to the ranch road on the west side of the ranch property, as depicted on the map below, for recreational access including walking, bicycling, bird watching and/or photography, during daylight hours, for a term not to exceed one calendar year. This agreement shall terminate on the last day of December of the year written above.

Please give close attention to the following:

  • Limit your group to four individuals at one time.
  • Keep your pets within 25 feet of you at all times.
  • This permission applies only to the road surface depicted below and not the adjoining lands.
  • No access is allowed by this permit during the Montana big game hunting season.
  • The Ruby Habitat Foundation is not responsible for any damages, costs, expenses or injuries associated with your use of this permissive use.
  • This grant of permissive use may be withdrawn at any time, for any reason with 10 days notice.

HERE is a link the actual document.  You’ll have to print it and email it back to us.  Send it to